Soothing Silicone Baby Teething Gloves



Our teething mittens help your baby grow their teeth happily and healthily by self-soothing their teething pain. Our mittens help keep teething babies safe from scratching themselves, saliva irritating their skin, and lessen the chance of developing blisters from thumb sucking

Food Grade Materials Used - This teething mitt is made of quality, food-grade premium silicone that is BPA free and FDA & CE Certified.

Softness - Soft silicone gently massage the baby's aching gums helping to relieve the pain cause by teething. Keeps teething babies safe from scratching themselves and helps prevent blisters from thumb sucking. It also helps keep excess saliva and drool from irritating your baby's sensitive skin. 

Crinkling Sound/Colorful design - When gentle pressure is applied the gloves will produce a soft crinkling sound similar to a candy wrapper. Babies find the sound entertaining and stimulating. The whimsical design and multi-color construction captures the baby's eye and attention while they wear the gloves.

Adjustable Strap Makes sure the mitten is secured on the baby's hand helping to avoid drops on the floor or the mitt getting lost. This helps you spend less time picking up your baby’s teething toy and more time on one of the many other things parents have to do! Also our unique Mittens can also be used on either hand increasing ease of use!

Washing machine friendly - So they are easy to clean saving you time.

Material: 100% Food Grade Silicon + PP Membrane
Recommended for ages 3 - 18 months

Colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange