Portable Baby Bassinet with Sun Protection and Mosquito Net


This is another variation of our popular Portable Baby Bed. This version is partially covered and comes with a bug/mosquito net for parents that may find themselves outdoors but need a comfortable and safe place for their baby to take a nap. The top of the bed is covered to block out the sun and has a fun mobile above to keep the baby entertained while they are awake. 

Item Type: Portable and covered backpack bassinet for babies

Materials include: Cotton(bed), Natural and synthetic cotton (backpack), ABS Eco-friendly Plastic (connected toys)

Available Colors: Red, Blue, Grey and Seafoam Green

Ages intended: 0-1.5 year old (depending on individual size)

Dimensions: Portable Size(in bag): 17.72x4.72x15.75 inches; Size(unfolded): 37.40x17.72 inches